Victor Morello is an electronic music producer, sound designer and computer enthusiast.

He has worked for 5 years as a in-house sound designer for Arturia, creating and curating thousands of factory presets, while also testing early prototypes, helping define both the sound and ergonomics of several award-winning products such as Pigments, V-Collection, MatrixBrute and PolyBrute.

As an artist, he previously haunted the psychedelic trance scene under the Ivort moniker, touring around the world and releasing numerous EPs and tracks on labels like Zenon Records, HOMmega Productions and Hadra Records.

He now creates experimental music as Zero Crossing Point, aiming to explore emotions through timbre, while blurring the lines between music and sound design.

In his spare time, he creates video games and experiments with 3D graphics, image and video tinkering.